a purr is an auditory expression of contentment or pleasure made by a cat. nirvana is defined as the state of perfect happiness. purrvana is the state of perfect happiness brought on by surrounding oneself with cats.

If you've lived in Savannah a while, you might remember how 1402 Barnard St. used to look. Needless to say, its appearance has changed a bit since we bought it in 2012. This early-20th century space is no longer ranked on the city's 100 Worst Buildings, so that's some progress! After five years of TLC (respecting the historic integrity, of course), obtaining permits, and crafting the perfect home for foster cats, we're finally ready to welcome you to Purrvana.

Savannah is a special city, and it deserves a special spot for locals and visitors alike. Where else can you sit in a cozy room while 10+ cats roam around you? And you're doing some good by coming to Purrvana: our cats are up for adoption through Palmetto Animal League. Even if you don't adopt a cat, you're helping to provide them with the coolest foster home ever and freeing up space at PAL so that they can save even more kitties.

Come on over to one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city and sit back with your newest furry friends. The cats can't wait to see you.

Check out our FAQ below for answers to questions like “what’s a cat cafe?” and “can I have my bachelorette party here?”



(912) 777-4670



1402 Barnard St.
Savannah, GA 31401



TUES-SUN: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM



Check back every month for new specials!



reserve a spot in the cat room!

55-minute reservations are available for $9. Walk-ins welcome for half-hour and hour time slots when not fully booked!



Does your version of the perfect party include a dozen or more ornery cats with inconsistent definitions of personal space? Cats who may or may not be silently judging your every move even as they steal your heart (and possibly your food)? You’re in luck! We here at Savannah’s premier cat cafe are happy to host your party or private event. Whether you’re enjoying a wild bachelorette weekend, celebrating a birthday, hosting a meeting, or having a romantic date night — Purrvana is the perfect backdrop. So bring your friends and party favors, and we’ll provide the rest: music, a cozy space, and a possibly relaxing atmosphere as determined by our furry friends who might(?) be on board. We promise it’ll be a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget.

We offer a wide assortment of alcohol-free beverages, pastries, and croissant sandwiches. Anything you’d like to bring beyond our inventory is up to you.

Time slots are by the hour, but feel free to book as many hours as you need! Head to the Reservations tab to book your time slot, and give us a call with any questions you have.



Stop by to grab your Purrvana t-shirt! If you’re not in the area, give us a call or Facebook message and we’ll get one to you. Size S-XL.

Original design shirts: $25 | Purrvana logo shirt: $15


purrvana album cover (BLACK)


purrvana logo (Heather Gray)


achieve nirvana at purrvana (WHITE)

Give the perfect gift, a Purrvana gift card, or grab your new favorite coffee mug!

Coffee mugs: $12 | Gift card: any amount


PURRVANA MUG | Purrvana gift card

Ulster Weavers Products

We have even more options in-store, so stop by to find the perfect cat-themed products for your kitchen! Not in the area? Give us a call! We can ship.